Our Committees

CISAC works with committees and working groups to ensure that its works on collective management of rights are based on the view of experts, the rules of good governance and the voice of creators.

These bodies work on multiple regional, technical, legal and creative challenges faced by creators and societies across the world. Experts, society representatives and creators regularly meet to share their experience and best practices about collective management.

CISAC has four key committee groups, including: 


Technical Committees

Regional Committees

International Creators' Council

Executive Governance Committee (EGC)

Legal Committee (CJL)

Global Policy Committee (GPC)

Communications Expert Group (CEG)

Internal Audit Committee (IAC)

Information Services Committee (ISC)

Business Technical Committee (BTC)

Media Technical Committee (MTC)

Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Technical Committee (DLV)

Regional African Committee (CAF)

Regional Asia-Pacific Committee (CAP)

Regional Canada/USA Committee (CCU)

Regional European Committee (EC)

Regional Latin American and Caribbean Committee (CLC)