Creators Relations

CISAC is committed to serving authors worldwide.

As the international mouthpiece for creators and their collective management organisations, we work closely with creative communities across all artistic fields to bring their collective voice to the forefront of discussions regarding copyright/authors’ rights internationally. 

The Voice of Creators

The voice of creators is the most powerful weapon in the fight for their rights. CISAC create platforms so their voices can be heard and so that they can tell their fellow citizens about the reality of the creative process, the importance of fair remuneration, and the economic value that their works generate. Through its President and Vice Presidents, the international creators’ councils, and numerous international and local initiatives, CISAC places creators at the fore of its activities.

We have three creators' councils:

We are extremely grateful to our amazing core of creator advocates. Their tireless efforts and selfless dedication have an enormous impact on our international campaigns that aim to ensure that all of CISAC’s 4 million creators benefit from the recognition of their rights and obtain fair remuneration for uses of their works. Undertaken in addition to their creative work, their contributions to CISAC’s activities are invaluable.

Silvina Munich, Director of Repertoires & Creators Relations